Am I Attractive?

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Decoding the Mystique of Attraction

For ages, mankind has considered attractiveness to be an elusive mystery. However, recent studies have unveiled that a myriad of factors interplay to determine the attractiveness of an individual in today's society.

The foundation of someone's sexual attractiveness often lies in their social standing, health, and physical appearance. Needless to say, an initial physical attraction forms the cornerstone.

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Following the physical assessment, we appraise emotional aspects such as an individual's behavior, their attitude towards others, belief systems, and self-confidence. Quite often, these two evaluation stages are sufficient for one to fall in love. However, for many, shared life goals and intelligence also hold significance.

How Attractive am I?

You're indeed attractive if you embody wealth, good looks, intelligence, optimism, and self-assuredness. The closer you align with this archetype, the larger your fan base is likely to be. To get a precise measure of your attractiveness, go through each of the 20 straightforward statements below and indicate how strongly each applies to you.

The results of this attractiveness test are provided "as-is" and should be used strictly for educational purposes. Neither the questions nor the results should be taken as professional or medical advice under any circumstances.
1. I am a confident person
2. I have ... social media followers
3. My teeth are
4. My skin is in good condition
5. I often feel depressed
6. I think many people had a crush on me
7. My body is pretty athletic
8. I have studied well in school
9. I like to go shopping and attend parties
10. I prefer to answer the questions rather than start conversations
11. People often laugh at my jokes
12. I like pets very much
13. I have enough money for my expenses
14. Generally I am nice to people
15. I take pride in my appearance
16. I prefer healthy food
17. I have many friends
18. I have some bad habits
19. I like to wear makeup
20. I get regular haircuts