Gender role test

g tests gender role

Masculinity/femininity test

For the longest time, up until the 1970s, the scientific community viewed masculine and feminine characteristics as diametrically opposed. This perspective suggested that if an individual demonstrated a pronounced expression of one gender trait, the other would inherently be less noticeable.

However, this concept was challenged by American social psychologist Dr. Sandra Ruth Lipsitz Bem. She introduced a theory positing that an individual could express high levels of both masculine and feminine traits simultaneously. Furthermore, she suggested that a significant number of people naturally identify with both these characteristics, a blend that classifies their personality as androgynous. This innovative thinking led to the development of the Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI), a tool to measure the presence and intensity of gender traits.

The interactive Gender-Role Test you'll encounter here draws inspiration from the BSRI. It's a modern tool designed to gauge the levels of masculinity and femininity in an individual's personality.

Dissecting the Theory

Despite its influence, Bem's work has been subject to criticism for its failure to account for cultural, social, and religious diversity. It's crucial to recognize that gender stereotypes have undergone significant changes over the past several decades, leading to more intricate conceptions of masculine and feminine roles.

Nevertheless, despite the controversies surrounding gender stereotyping, the BSRI has remained a popular and reliable tool for assessing various facets of gender traits. Its validity and reliability are widely acknowledged.

Taking the Test

The test comprises 34 straightforward statements. You need to respond based on how strongly each statement resonates with your personality. However, please maintain a critical view of the results. They are meant to serve educational purposes and should not be misconstrued as professional or medical advice. Always consult a healthcare provider or a professional in the field for expert advice.
1. I would enjoy being a fashion designer.
2. I would prefer a class in mathematics to a class in poetry.
3. I enjoy to make handmade gifts.
4. I don't pack much luggage when I travel.
5. I like to take and share pictures of my life.
6. I gamble with money sometimes.
7. I think astrology and palm reading are fun.
8. I take stairs two at a time.
9. I love flowers.
10. I know how to repair computer.
11. I am a naturally good dancer.
12. I do not enjoy watching dance performances.
13. I would never go parachute jumping.
14. I hate shopping.
15. I have sensitive skin.
16. I like fishing or hunting.
17. I like to take care of plants.
18. I have always wanted to be rich.
19. I am easily hurt.
20. I would enjoy being a sports team coach.
21. I drop things a lot.
22. I want to own the latest gadgets.
23. I think that children should not be exposed to violent video games.
24. I have been interested in historical wars and military.
25. I am not at all interested in guns.
26. I would be a great president.
27. I still have and treasure a few of my childhood toys.
28. I often watch televised sports events.
29. I like to bake sweets.
30. I am interested in economics.
31. I have kept a personal journal.
32. I don't show a lot of emotion.
33. I cry during sad movies.
34. I think vegetarianism is stupid.