Is He Ready to Pop the Question? 17 Telltale Signs & Tips

is he ready

So, you're in a loving relationship and wondering if he's on the brink of taking the next step. Every shared smile, every secretive glance, and each tender moment makes you think: is he ready to propose? While no crystal ball can tell you what's on his mind, certain signs might give you a hint.

Signs He Might Propose

He’s Getting Curious About Rings

Perhaps he's subtly inquiring about the kind of jewelry you like or even directly asking about your ring size.

You may catch him glancing at jewelry store displays a tad longer than usual or browsing engagement ring websites when he thinks you aren't looking.

Friends might mention he’s sought their advice about what style of ring you’d love.

Talking About the Future

While earlier he might have spoken about his plans and dreams, now it includes "we," "us," and "our."

Discussions might range from where you both might live in the next few years to plans for future vacations or even potential names for your future kids.

He may also bring up topics like joint finances, insurances, and other practical aspects of a shared life.

Mysterious Whispers with Friends

He's having hush-hush conversations with your close friends, siblings, or even your parents.

You might notice him texting or calling them more often, and they seem oddly cheerful or secretive around you.

His best buddies might suddenly be more interested in your well-being and plans.

Saving Up

He starts to cut back on those regular boys’ night outs or random gadget purchases.

You notice he's been more financially responsible lately, setting aside money, or even discussing investments and future savings.

He might drop hints about wanting to purchase "something big" soon but keeps it vague.

Being Overly Sentimental

Suddenly, he’s keen on revisiting the place where you had your first date or the spot where he first said, "I love you."

He talks more about your shared memories, from your first movie night to that funny incident on your third date.

He may also make it a point to celebrate the little milestones in your relationship, like the anniversary of your first trip together.

Sudden Interest in Your Family

He expresses a desire to bond more with your siblings, asking about their likes, dislikes, or how he can impress them.

Family gatherings see him making an extra effort, be it by helping out more or engaging in deeper conversations with your folks.

He might even bring up topics with your family that hint at a long-term future together, like asking about family traditions or your parents' wedding story.

Sneaky Questions

Suddenly, he’s curious about your thoughts on marriage, your dream wedding, or where you’d like to honeymoon.

He might remark about other couples, noting how happy they seem after getting engaged or discussing their wedding plans.

TV shows or movies that involve weddings or proposals might lead to deeper conversations about commitment and future plans.

Event Planning

He talks about wanting to plan something special, emphasizing creating an unforgettable experience.

You might notice he's taken an interest in knowing your free dates or ensuring you keep a specific weekend clear, but he remains cryptic about the reason.

Friends might hint at you to get a special dress or be ready for a surprise, further fueling your speculations.

Overly Protective of His Phone

Earlier, he might not have minded you using his phone. Now, he seems a bit more guarded.

You might catch glimpses of chats with best friends or family that quickly get minimized or closed when you're around.

He might receive a call and step outside to chat, insisting it's "just work."

Talking Finances

Joint financial planning discussions become more frequent, from opening a joint account to discussing future investments.

He asks about your long-term financial goals or discusses plans to purchase a home or make other significant investments together.

Talks about future stability, securing assets, and long-term financial health become more common, indicating he’s thinking of a shared future.

Nudging Him Towards Proposing

Share Your Dreams

Initiate conversations about where you both envision your relationship in the next few years.

Reflect on your individual dreams and how they can beautifully merge together. Discuss your visions of a shared home, pets, or even traveling the world together.

Watch Romance Movies Together

watch romance movies together

Pick out films that focus on love, commitment, and marriage. The romantic ambiance can spark discussions.

Observe his reactions to the movie proposals and maybe even hint at what you loved or would change about them.

Involve Him in Wedding Talks

When you're invited to a friend's wedding, include him in the planning. Discuss outfits, gifts, and even dance moves!

Share stories of weddings you’ve attended and highlight moments that touched you. This could give him clues about your preferences.

Express Your Commitment

Reinforce how much you value the relationship. Share instances that made you feel grateful for him.

Talk about your shared experiences and how they've solidified your bond. This can help him feel secure in the next steps.

Talk About the Future

Drop hints about your long-term plans, whether it’s a shared bank account or adopting a pet together.

Discuss where you see yourselves in five, ten, or even twenty years. Encourage him to share his thoughts too.

Seek His Assurance

Gently express that you look forward to a more solid commitment, ensuring he understands your needs.

Talk about the importance of stability and growth in your relationship, subtly stressing the significance of taking the next step.

Attend Family Gatherings Together

family gatherings together

By making him a part of family traditions and gatherings, he’ll feel more integrated into your family.

Let him know how much it means when he bonds with your family. Share your happiness about how well he’s received by them.

Visit Friends Who've Recently Committed

Spend time with friends who've recently gotten engaged, married, or even moved in together.

Observing and discussing their journeys can offer insights and perhaps make him contemplate your shared future.

Discuss Shared Living Spaces

If you aren’t living together, bring up the benefits of cohabitation. If you are, discuss the joys and challenges it’s brought and how it's strengthened your bond.

Talk about creating a space that resonates with both of your personalities, hinting at a lifelong shared environment.

Emphasize Teamwork

Celebrate the hurdles you’ve overcome together and how they’ve made your relationship stronger.

Reflect on moments when you both displayed fantastic teamwork, pointing out how well you complement each other.

Remember, while it's natural to want to move forward in a relationship, it's equally essential to ensure that both partners are on the same page. Constant communication, understanding, and patience are the keys. So, while you're dropping these hints, always prioritize the health and happiness of your relationship.

In relationships, it's essential to remember that everyone has their timeline. While these signs and hints can provide some clarity, it's crucial to maintain open channels of communication. Love is beautiful in all its stages, so whether he's about to propose or you're dropping hints, savor every moment. The beauty lies in the journey you undertake together.


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