Sexual narcissist test

sexual narcissist test1

Understanding Sexual Narcissism

An excessive display of self-admiration, or narcissism, is a growing concern in our society today. Dependence on social media, the quest for likes, and a culture of selfies are notable drivers of this burgeoning narcissistic epidemic.

Freud postulated that narcissism, to a certain degree, is an essential trait. In one's formative years, narcissism is seen as normal and even a necessity for sexual development. However, in adults, sexual narcissism often results in alienation, as narcissists prioritize their own sexual gratification.

Identifying a Sexual Narcissist

Recognizing a narcissist is generally straightforward. The defining traits include a sense of uniqueness, a constant desire for praise and admiration, a tendency to exhibit superiority, and a profound lack of empathy for others. These characteristics significantly impact those who are in intimate relationships with a sexual narcissist.

Taking this test will help you discern whether your partner possesses these traits and to what extent.


This assessment consists of 21 simple questions. Answer each honestly to gauge your partner's level of sexual narcissism. The results of this test are given "as-is" and should be used strictly for informational purposes. It should not be misconstrued as professional or medical advice.
1. How often does your partner compliment you?
2. Does he (she) criticize you after sex?
3. Does he (she) ask you about previous sexual partners?
4. If you deny sex, what is their reaction?
5. What is your partner’s attitude to contraception?
6. What happens if you complain to your partner that you didn’t have orgasms lately?
7. The partner persuades you to give them a striptease at home, but you do not want to. HIs (her) reaction:
8. Can you directly tell your partner about a sexual problem?
9. Have your partner ever suggest to make your own sex video? What was your reaction?
10. How do you make it up after an argument?
11. What is his (her) reaction when you talk on the phone?
12. What makes them become the most indignant about you?
13. How does your partner take compliments?
14. Does your partner have own nudes?
15. Does your partner deny sex?
16. Did your partner tell you about their exes?
17. Does your partner insist on very bold sexual experiments?
18. Are there any limits in sex for your partner?
19. What is your partner’s behavior after sex?
20. If you find a fault with or make a joke about your partner's private parts, what will be their reaction?
21. Have your partner asked you to change anything in your body