Spotting the Red Flags: 14 Signs of a Disrespectful Boyfriend and How to Handle It

14red flags

Relationships are meant to be fulfilling, supportive, and respectful. However, sometimes what starts as a dream can slowly turn into a situation where disrespect creeps in, often subtly. Recognizing these signs in a boyfriend and knowing how to handle them is crucial for maintaining your self-respect and well-being.

Here are 14 subtle signs of a disrespectful boyfriend and how to best deal with them.

1. He’s Constantly Late

Respect is often shown through actions, not just words. If your boyfriend is always late, it may indicate he doesn’t value your time. Sure, occasional tardiness happens, but consistent lateness? That's a red flag.

2. He Doesn’t Listen

Communication is a two-way street. If he’s always talking about himself and never really listens to what you have to say, it shows a lack of respect for your thoughts and feelings.

3. He Ignores Your Boundaries

he ignores your boundaries

Everyone has boundaries, and a respectful partner will acknowledge and honor them. If he dismisses your limits or pressures you to change them, that's a sign of disrespect.

4. He Doesn’t Support Your Dreams

A supportive partner is a cheerleader for your dreams. If he belittles your ambitions or discourages you from pursuing your goals, that's not support; that's disrespect.

5. He’s Rude to People Around You

Pay attention to how he treats others, especially those in service roles. Being rude to waitstaff, cashiers, or your friends is a glaring sign of a lack of respect.

6. He Makes Fun of You

Teasing is part of many relationships, but there’s a fine line between playful teasing and hurtful mockery. If he makes you feel small or stupid, that’s not okay.

7. He’s Dismissive of Your Feelings

Your feelings are valid. If he brushes them off or labels them as ‘overreacting’ or ‘being too sensitive’, he’s showing a lack of respect for your emotional experience.

8. He Flirts with Others in Front of You

he flirts with others in front of you

This is a big one. Flirting with others in your presence not only shows a lack of commitment but also a blatant disrespect for your feelings.

9. He Doesn’t Make Time for You

Being in a relationship means making time for each other. If he’s always too busy for you but has time for friends and hobbies, you're not a priority.

10. He Breaks Promises

Trust is a cornerstone of any relationship. Continually breaking promises, no matter how small, shows a lack of respect for your trust and expectations.

11. He’s Always on His Phone

In today’s digital age, being glued to a phone is common. But constantly texting or scrolling in your company, especially during meaningful conversations, signals disregard.

12. He Makes Decisions Without Consulting You

A relationship is a partnership. Making significant decisions without your input or agreement shows he doesn’t value your opinion or the partnership.

13. He Criticizes Your Appearance

Critiques about your look, weight, or style, especially if unsolicited, are not only hurtful but also a sign he doesn’t respect you as you are.

14. He’s Not Concerned About Your Comfort

Whether it’s about physical comfort in your surroundings or emotional comfort in certain situations, a caring partner will always be considerate of what makes you comfortable.

Dealing with Disrespect

Communication Is Key

If you spot these signs, the first step is to communicate. Express your feelings calmly and clearly. Sometimes, partners don’t realize their behavior is hurtful.

Set Boundaries

Make it clear what is and isn’t acceptable in your relationship. Setting boundaries is a healthy way to ensure mutual respect.

Seek Support

Talk to friends, family, or a counselor. Outside perspectives can provide clarity and support.


Consider what you want and deserve in a relationship. Sometimes, we accept the love we think we deserve, not what we actually do.

Be Prepared to Walk Away

If the disrespect continues despite your efforts, it might be time to reconsider the relationship. You deserve someone who respects you as much as you respect them.

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In a nutshell, respect is a non-negotiable in any healthy relationship. Recognizing the signs of disrespect and addressing them promptly can lead to a more fulfilling and respectful partnership.


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