Transgender test

transgender test1

Transgender test

Certain individuals experience discomfort or incongruity with their assigned birth sex and may identify more closely with another gender. This test provides an opportunity to explore the possibility of being transgender. It is recommended for individuals who are at least 18 years of age.

Defining Transgender

The term "transgender" refers to individuals whose internal gender identity does not align with their birth-assigned sex. It's important to note that being transgender is not synonymous with being gay; transgender individuals can have any sexual orientation.

Some individuals who identify as transgender may choose to undergo hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery, while others may not pursue these avenues for various reasons.


The test consists of 25 straightforward statements. Please respond by indicating the extent to which each statement applies to you. Approach the test results with a healthy skepticism and do not interpret them as professional or medical advice.
1. I have thoughts about gender reassignment surgery.
2. My life would be better if I was born a human of the opposite sex.
3. As a child, I preferred toys and activities typical for children of the opposite sex.
4. I have dreams in which I appear as a person of the opposite sex.
5. People of the opposite sex have more social advantages.
6. It gives me pleasure to look like a person of the opposite sex (wearing makeup, clothes, having a corresponding hairstyle) when no one sees me.
7. I have appeared in public as a person of the opposite sex.
8. I have a feeling that I have been assigned the wrong gender at birth.
9. My sex life would be better if I was born a person of the opposite sex.
10. I would like to be able to specify a different gender in my personal documents.
11. I make an effort to meet others’ expectations associated with my gender.
12. I don't like the look of my genitals.
13. I would like others to treat me as they treat people of the opposite sex.
14. I often get upset or depressed when I think about my future without changing my biological sex.
15. My family pressures me to make my behavior fit my biological sex.
16. I have little in common with other representatives of my biological sex.
17. I have taken or I’m planning to take hormonal drugs to change my body composition.
18. I don't like my name, sometimes I would like to change it.
19. Society does not support and accept transgender people enough.
20. I am not comfortable going to a public restroom for the gender I have been assigned at birth.
21. I feel strange or embarrassed when people talk about me using pronouns suitable for my biological sex.
22. In online games, I choose characters of the opposite sex.
23. My parents treated me like a child of the opposite sex.
24. I was raised by a single parent.
25. I like to use the manners of people of the opposite sex.