True Love Test

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The Pillars of True Love: Sternberg's Theory

The establishment of a robust relationship is contingent upon the emotional connectivity between partners. The need to be loved and to feel an emotional closeness with one's significant other is a fundamental human desire. Many agree that without this sense of being cherished, one cannot achieve complete happiness.

Multiple scholars posit that three cardinal elements contribute to the solidity of a long-term relationship - passion, intimacy, and commitment. The harmonious growth of these aspects augments your bond; conversely, if any of these facets are lacking or stagnant, it may incite imbalance and difficulties in the relationship. This test is rooted in Sternberg's Triangular Theory, which outlines seven types of love based on these three components.

True love test

This assessment can lend clarity to your relationship or merely substantiate your preexisting notions. It's hoped that the outcomes of the test will reveal the critical characteristics of a balanced relationship and guide your future actions in your relationship. Your decision to take this test reflects your readiness to foster an even stronger bond and profound emotional intimacy with your significant other.

How to Proceed

You'll encounter 21 clear-cut statements below. For each, indicate the extent to which it resonates with you. The results of this web-based test are offered "as-is"; take them with a grain of salt, and refrain from interpreting them as professional or medical counsel.
1. You are emotionally close with your partner like:
2. How does romance show in your relationship?
3. What cannot you forgive your partner?
4. Can you cry in the presence of your partner?
5. Do you tell your partner about your sexual fantasies?
6. What animal would you compare your relationships with?
7. Can you tell your partner openly about what you don’t like about your relationship?
8. Your partner offers you a pose that you do not like. Will you agree to please him/her?
9. Do you see yourself with this partner in the distant future together?
10. Imagine that you as a couple were invited to a talk show, what are the chances that you win in the competitions with other couples?
11. Your sex life can be compared to:
12. At the moment, when something happened between you and your partner, you suddenly meet your ex-love, who invites you to own place. Your reaction?
13. If you don’t agree with your partner on any serious point, how will this influence your relationship?
14. Does your partner take into account your sexual wishes?
15. If a serious problem appears in your relationship, and he/she offers to ask a psychologist for help, would you agree?
16. How do you spend time when you are alone?
17. What do you do after sex?
18. How do you make it up after a serious quarrel?
19. How long can you be angry at each other after a quarrel?
20. Do you tell your partner about your orgasms, their level, and intensity?
21. Do you feel that your partner is the very one?