How to flirt with a guy

how to flirt with a guy (1)

Looking to spice up your interactions with guys and could use some guidance? Whether it's mastering the art of flirting in person or understanding how to flirt with a guy over text, this guide has got you covered. And remember, everyone's different when it comes to their flirting style and everyone isn't born with natural charisma.

Navigating the subtle cues of flirtation can be tricky, whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting back into the game. It's a delicate balance of understanding the difference between friendly and romantic signals. It can be challenging to discern, as research indicates that only about 28% of people accurately identify flirting when they see it.

So, let's break down the art of flirting into a science of sorts, starting with how men typically flirt.

Signs a Guy Is Flirting

While each guy will have his own unique flirting style, there are some common signals to watch for.

Signal #1: Eye Contact: If a guy's interested, he'll make sure his focus is on you. Intense eye contact, even from a distance, can indicate he's intrigued.

Signal #2: Smiling: It's nearly impossible to suppress a smile when you're around someone you're interested in. If he can't seem to stop smiling when you're around, that's a good sign.

Signal #3: Body Language: As you start to feel more comfortable with each other, he might try to establish closer physical proximity, such as sitting next to you or leaning in your direction.

Signal #4: Touching: When he's comfortable around you, he might find reasons to make respectful and appropriate physical contact, like a gentle touch on the arm or playfully brushing a stray hair from your face.

Signal #5: Conversation: If a guy keeps finding reasons to chat with you, it's a good indication he's into you.

Signal #6: Compliments: If he's sprinkling compliments your way, he's definitely flirting.

Signal #7: Showing Interest: Asking about your life and showing genuine interest is another clear sign he's flirting.

How to Flirt Back

Once you've identified the signs of flirting, how do you respond? Here are some basics:

Smile: Smiling makes you approachable and confident.

Eye Contact: Just as eye contact is a sign a guy is interested, maintaining eye contact with him can indicate your interest in return.

Authenticity: Be true to yourself. Your unique traits are what make you attractive.

Body Language: Use your body language to show interest by leaning in or subtly touching his arm.

Compliments: Guys appreciate compliments too, whether it's about his appearance or something you admire about his character.

Interest: Show genuine interest in getting to know him.

Playfulness: Good-natured teasing can be a fun and engaging way to flirt.

Remember, everyone's different, and it might take a bit of trial and error to find the approach that works best for you. Most importantly, have fun!

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How to Heat Up Your Text Game: 10 Need-to-Know Tips

If you're aiming to light a guy's phone up with flirty texts and have a blast doing it, these tips on nailing the art of flirtatious texting with a guy are just what you need. Keep these pointers in your back pocket, and you'll see how simple it can be to make a guy go gaga for you.

Strike the first blow, but don't go overboard

It's totally cool to kick off a text convo with a guy, just make sure not to go overboard. After all, you're already digging him! It's easy to get excited and find yourself reaching out non-stop. To dodge looking clingy and overeager, try waiting for him to hit you up sometimes. Strive for a balanced rhythm, starting convos only a couple of times a week until you're sure he's into you too. This way, you come off as approachable and intrigued instead of desperate and lovesick.

Keep things lively with memes

If you're texting a guy, odds are you both follow each other on Instagram and other socials. Use this to your advantage by occasionally sharing memes to keep the rapport going. When something funny pops up, slide it into his DMs. This can be a perfect way to resist the urge to text him when he hasn't reached out for a bit. Memes are light and casual, and they can be a great starter for him to hit you back.

Make use of Instagram stories

Instagram stories can be a fab tool for keeping the convo rolling. A guy might hesitate to comment on every single post you make, as it might come off as a bit much, unless you're already an item. With Instagram stories, though, it's a whole different ballgame. It's a private chat between you two, offering a chill spot for him to interact without feeling like everyone's watching.

Stay true to your vibe

When you're knee-deep in text chats, hold on to your individuality and avoid changing your texting habits to suit a guy. If you have particular texting quirks, stick with 'em. If you always wrap up a convo with a heart-kiss emoji, keep doing you. The key here is authenticity, not changing who you are for anyone else. Let your realness shine through your texts.

Throw in open-ended questions

Keep the flirtatious vibe alive in your text convos by throwing in open-ended questions. Instead of just answering his questions about what you're up to, hit him back with the same question. Not asking open-ended questions can make a convo feel like a drag and might lead a guy to think you're kinda dull. Avoid being the dry texter that's a snooze to chat with.

Give him chances to flirt back

Share a sassy selfie of you trying on outfits on a shopping trip and ask what he thinks. If he's digging it, he'll probably throw a compliment your way. The trick here is subtlety. By setting him up to flirt back with you over text, you're nudging him to make the first move. When he sees you IRL in the same outfit, he'll feel appreciated and involved, like he had a hand in your choice.

Sprinkle in some playful drama

Break the ice with a message that'll bring a grin to his face and get him thinking of you. Rather than a standard "hi", text him something like "You won't believe what happened today!" or "That movie you suggested was amazing!" Starting a convo this way shows you're fun and inventive, and it helps you stand out from the crowd.

Show him you remember

Letting a guy know you remembered something he did is like a compliment and an ego boost rolled into one. He'll feel a warmer connection to you and find himself thinking about you more. Try sending a message like "Just remembered that hilarious thing you did last week" or "I saw your favorite candy at the store today!" These kind of messages encourage him to put in more effort to get your attention and please you.

Harness the power of emojis

Emojis are a playful and flirty way to sprinkle some joy into your texts. Ignore the idea that using emojis seems childish; it's actually the opposite. Emojis are a staple among folks who are close, and failing to use them in your texts can limit your ability to express feelings effectively. Sometimes, a simple smiley face or a winking emoji is all you need to say "hey" or show appreciation. By making emojis a regular part of your texts, you're sure to put a smile on his face.

Paint a picture with your texts

Add details into your texts that allow him to picture you. For instance, mention that you've just stepped out of the shower or you're about to hit the hay after changing into your PJs. By casually sharing these snippets of your day, you're subtly encouraging him to picture you. Remember, guys are visually driven, and by stimulating their imagination, you can rev up their desire for you.

In conclusion, mastering the art of flirting with a guy can be an exciting and empowering journey. Remember to be confident, playful, and authentic in your approach. Pay attention to non-verbal cues and reciprocate his interest. Use humor, body language, and subtle compliments to create a flirty atmosphere. Most importantly, be yourself and have fun. Flirting is about creating a connection and enjoying the moment. So go ahead, put these tips into practice, and let your flirtatious charm shine. Happy flirting!


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