Relationship Advice for Couples Who Are Just Starting

relationship advice for couples who are just starting

Venturing into a new romantic relationship can evoke a range of feelings, from sheer excitement to a tinge of anxiety. This phase, brimming with potential and the thrill of discovery, also doubles as an avenue for self-realization. During this significant period, many couples create lasting memories that they often regard as the time when they fell in love. However, the nervousness and tension accompanying a new relationship can cast a shadow over the joyous exhilaration, introducing unwanted strain.

Here's a set of relationship guidance:

Release Past Hang-ups

release past hang ups

One common pitfall when embarking on a new relationship is carrying forward the apprehensions and remnants of past relationship experiences. Such baggage can taint the fresh beginnings of a new bond. To counter this, refrain from over-discussing past relationships, especially in the early stages of dating. Focus on understanding your present partner and solidifying your current relationship's foundation.

Avoid Benchmarks

Drawing comparisons between your relationship or partner and others can be quite tempting. However, such comparisons can cause distress to your partner and prove counterproductive. Rather, reflect on why you're in the relationship: Is it to match up to someone else, to impress others, or because of your genuine fondness for the person you're dating?

Assess Actions over Words

assess actions over words

Promises about the future may sound appealing, but it's more important to focus on the actions of the present. It's crucial to discern the difference between mere words and tangible actions. For instance, if your partner is introducing you to their social circles, it's a promising sign that they see a long-term future with you.

Embrace the Fear of Revealing Your True Self

be yourself

The thought of revealing one's vulnerable side can seem intimidating. However, this is an integral part of truly knowing someone and deepening the connection. By sharing this side of you, you can establish trust and signal to your partner that you're ready to let them in on a deeper level.

Avoid Bragging or Exaggeration

An excess of boasting or stretching the truth can be off-putting. It's not necessary to constantly strive to impress your partner, especially if they already appreciate you for who you are.

Stay in the Present

A new relationship is an exploration of the unknown, which can be both thrilling and unnerving. Encourage yourself to stay present and open. Rely on your instincts and stay true to yourself.

Avoid Over-Attachment

While a touch of jealousy can be endearing, being excessively demanding of your partner's time can backfire. It's typical for new couples to spend a lot of their free time together. However, bombarding your partner with texts, calls, or demands can cause stress and may push them away.

Preserve Your Other Relationships

It's common for new couples to sacrifice some of their usual activities to spend more time together. However, maintaining your commitments to friends and family builds anticipation and keeps the spark alive.

Practice Attentive Listening

practice attentive listening

Active listening is a key communication tool that many struggle with. Showing genuine interest in your partner's life and making them feel valued and heard should not be overlooked.

Respect Each Other's Individuality

In a relationship, it's important to allow each other to maintain individual identities. Acknowledge your partner's interests, hobbies, and passions and encourage them to pursue these. Remember, being in a relationship shouldn't mean giving up what makes you, you.

Express Love and Appreciation Regularly

express love and appreciation regularly

Expressing love isn't restricted to grand gestures. Simple words of appreciation, small acts of kindness, and unexpected surprises can go a long way in strengthening the bond. Regularly expressing your love and appreciation will make your partner feel valued and cherished.

In conclusion, each new relationship comes with its unique set of challenges and rewards. Keeping the above points in mind can provide guidance on this exhilarating journey.


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