The Aftermath of Ignoring a Narcissist: An In-depth Guide

ignoring a narcissist

Handling a relationship or interaction with a narcissist can be a tumultuous experience, given their innate need for admiration and a prominent sense of self-worth. When you take the bold step to distance yourself and ignore them, the reactions are varied and intense. Here's a deep dive into the potential fallout:

1. Unleashing a Torrent of Anger

Narcissists operate on the belief that they are the centerpiece of every narrative. The moment you start distancing yourself, their world is upended. Their immediate reaction? Outrage. This isn’t just simple annoyance; it can manifest as vehement anger. Expect a barrage of texts, calls, or even face-to-face confrontations. For a narcissist, their self-worth is intricately linked to external validation, and by ignoring them, you're essentially shaking their core.

2. The Overwhelming Love Bomb

If their anger fizzles out without achieving its goal, narcissists might employ the “love bombing” technique. This involves an overwhelming display of affection, incessant compliments, unexpected gifts, and dramatic displays of contrition. It’s a calculated move, aimed at making you second-guess your choice to pull away. They want to create an illusion of genuine care to pull you back into the dysfunctional dynamic.

3. Smear Campaigns

smear campaigns

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Taking things a notch higher in their repertoire of responses is the notorious smear campaign. A hurt narcissist may start weaving tales about you, framing themselves in the spotlight as the wounded party and painting you as the villain. Whether it's reaching out to mutual connections, posting subtly malicious content on social media, or sharing distorted tales of woe, their objective remains consistent: regain control and shift the focus away from their behavior.

4. Mastering the Art of Playing the Victim

Complementing their smear campaigns, narcissists are adept at portraying themselves as the wronged party. They'll regale audiences with tales of how your detachment has left them emotionally scarred, conveniently omitting the series of events that led to such a decision. It’s a strategic move, seeking to elicit pity and perhaps persuade you back into their sphere.

5. The Chilling Silent Treatment

When their vocal strategies fail, they might adopt a contrasting approach: cold, calculated silence. This isn't a sign of acceptance but a tactic to induce guilt or anxiety in you. By giving you the cold shoulder, they're indirectly communicating their displeasure, hoping you'd take the bait and seek reconciliation.

6. Fleeting Glimpses of Self-Reflection

It's rare, but consistent disregard might drive some narcissists towards introspection. They might, for a brief moment, genuinely evaluate their behavior patterns. But, it’s important to note that without dedicated professional intervention, such moments of clarity are often transient, and old habits tend to resurface.

7. Seeking New Sources of Adulation

If a narcissist discerns that they can't elicit reactions from you, they'll inevitably seek fresh pastures. Their innate craving for admiration pushes them to find new individuals to shower them with the attention they so desperately seek.


Choosing to disengage from a narcissist is no minor feat, and the subsequent reactions can be an emotional roller-coaster. As you embark on this journey, it’s imperative to armor yourself with awareness and surround yourself with a supportive network. Whether you turn to trusted friends, family, or professional therapists, having a pillar to lean on can make all the difference. Remember, while compassion is a virtue, self-preservation is fundamental. Set your boundaries firmly and prioritize your well-being.


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